Sex Positivity and Paganism

  Recently on Facebook I was reading a discussion from Galina Krasskova, regarding an article written by Annika Mongan, “Sex and the Parliament of the World’s Religions”. The article and ensuring discussion gave me pause to think on some concepts and issues which had already been boiling around in my brain for the last few months.   Most of the time when I have heard the sex positive statements, there has been a momentary eye roll from me ‘Gods, here we go again’ thought and then moving on with the discussion.   Invariably most of those discussion have centered on how free some pagan feel to express “sex”uality (wink, wink) and what fun! You would find me solidly in agreement with Galina!   “I really dislike the excessive focus on sex in so many of the contemporary pagan religions.” LOL.   I mean t goes beyond the celebration of the embodiment.   I don’t want to know what your gender is, who you’re fucking, who you want to fuck or how much you like to fuck, or anything else.

The Elements and Experimentation

For many witches and Wiccans, the elements and their associated directions and correspondences are integral parts of their ritual practice as well as personal transformative work.  I would like to take a little time to devote to understanding the elements, how our use of and work with them should reflect what resonates deeply within us, and how to adjust our work with them accordingly. I do this with a bit of a story of my own development.  My own official training in the "craft" began in the early nineties.  During that era most of the publications were very basic and foundational in their teachings, the "net" or "web" was in its infancy.  The information, regarding the elements,  readily available to me at that time, as a practicing baby witch in North America, was what I playfully refer to as "pagan generic";  meaning  that directionally; Air was associated with the East, Fire with the South, Water with the West and Earth with the No