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Charge of the Maiden Goddess

Listen now to the words of the Bright Maiden. She of old, who was called ;
Brigidh, Artemis, Minerva, Idunn, Rhiannon, Blodeuwedd, Parvati, Chang 'e, Kore,
Eostre and by many other names. I am the first light of the dawn that sweeps away weariness and banishes indifference. I am the promise of spring jutting from beneath the soft warm blankets of snow.
Life renewed. I am the hatching egg opening from infinite potential to choose a path and
destiny all my own. I am innocence coupled with wild abandon and lively curiosity that blow the dust off
stale knowledge. I am the young flame that sparks inspiration, fueling a spirit of creativity and discovery.
By my hand the beauty of your art, poetry, music and smith craft burst free. When my song fills your heart you will know me. I am enchantment, excitement and the carefree erotic aura that send men and Gods preening. I am the huntress running free through the woods in pursuit of my quarry, my hounds at my side.
Perhaps it is you I…