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Invocation of the Sun King

By the Sun that burneth birght! O' Great One! We call thy name into the Light! O' Brilliant One thee we invoke by sun kissed shore By arid deserts and lightened moors. Thee we invoke where gather thine own In groves once sacred, forgotten, alone Come where your praises are whispered and sang! Your altars are dressed from stones to stang! By the sunlit meadows and the rounded green hills Where the crops are bursting and the gardens filled come to the charm of the chanted prayer As the sun warms the blustering air Evoke thy powers, that potent bide In glistening lakes and Ocean Tides From fiery flames of sunlite heat In the brilliant balefire, O'er which we leaped Come! O' come! The drum beats rung Come to us who gather below As the disk through the sky rides but slow As the willows sway and the birds sing sweet We dance they round, glistening in the heat. We speak they spell, chant thy prayer From Sabbet to Sabbet ! For you we dare! Brightest …
I must apologize for such a long lapse in writing, however this year has seen so many changes  and so much activity,  that my down time usually translates to sleep :)

I continue to be in awe and amazed at our little community as well as the growth and relationships that are forming.

Beltane, was our very first public Sabbat.  Our group  Circle of the Sublime Elm, host a public Beltane for the Orlando Pagan Collective.  It was beautiful!  I want to thank all of the Sublime Elms who worked so hard to make it truly maginifcent and inspiring.  Thank you also to the members of OPC (Orlando Pagan Collective)  who welcomed us with open arms.  We love you all and look forward to building our budding friendships!

For Litha we stepped out of our respective comfort zones, and celebrated the Solstice Polynesian style!  In the middle of a Hurricane :P   (She was stalled off the coast).  Our Kahuna and Kahuna- Wahine (Priest and Priestess) were magickal.  Our Kahuna-Wahine was responsib…